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Internet Marketing

Your internet presence doesn't end at your web site. Search Engine Optimisation is just one Internet marketing technique for driving traffic to your site. While SEO can often provide top-ten search results, there are circumstances where SEO just can't deliver for your busienss. For example, if you compete with larger companies having well-established websites, or your site is brand new, few sites link to you, or you use Flash animations, java menus or redirects in your site, it may be difficult to succeed with Search Engine Optimisation.

CPC and CPM Advertising

In these circumstances, or if you want to complement SEO with something else, cost-per-click and cost-per-impression advertising can be helpful internet marketing tools for driving traffic to your web site. Furthermore, the links and traffic they send to your site can further enhance your site's Page Rank and improve its placement in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

Marketing Acumen

Our marketing acumen in traditional advertising, web site design, and search engine optimisation, combine to give us the skills to put together an internet marketing campaign using all available media to drive traffic to your web site. And not just any traffic - we know the importance of only driving relevant, qualified traffic to your site. Browsers that are likely to become buyers.

Web Site Visitor Analysis

With the advanced statistical reporting provided free as part of our own web hosting solutions, we can analyse your web site traffic to tell you who is visiting your site, where they found out about you, how much traffic is coming from Google, Yahoo, MSN, from advertisements etc., and what keywords visitors searched on to find your site. All this information can be invaluable to you in assessing what advertising efforts are actually working, so you can divert money away from activities where it is being wasted and concentrate on what works best.

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